Weight Loss

Are you fed up & sick of it?

Have you been on the roller coaster of ups and downs, battling cravings, good days, bad days, on or off plan, and let’s not leave out the shame and guilt of constantly trying to stuff yourself into someone’s idea of a neat little package and failing?

Ugh! It’s exhausting!

Forget about the number on the scale for a minute.  It is not the end all, be all, Holy Grail of fitness.  Let’s also leave out that nasty 4- letter word…I don’t even want to mention it…you know the one.  Yes- that one.

I say “Enough already!”  Make a decision to be done with that nonsense.  It is an endless cycle of blah.  You deserve better for yourself!

I have a confession…

I despise the term Weight Loss.  Just like I hate the word that shall not be mentioned…yet.  If I didn’t have a powerful message to share about feeling good in your body, I’d never use the term weight loss.  Yet, as long as I want to continue to connect with the amazing women who are typing it into search engines to find ways to feel good in their skin, I will continue to use it.

Let me share with you why I dislike it.  I think that the industry has set unreasonable, unhealthy expectations of what you should look like and how you should torture herself to get there.  Like the D-word, it makes you feel bad.  It feels like a burden, a chore, an obligation and it weighs you down, does it not?

I am happy to say that some powerful amazing fitness and wellness professionals are doing their darnedest to change the way woman and in turn society as a whole look at fitness and overall well being.  It will feel good when you feel like more, instead of struggling to be less, right?

The goal, for me, it to help you celebrate your unique body, appreciate it today.  And if you want to make changes to the way you look and feel I can help with that too, but never at the expense of your health or self-worth.

We all know that when we hate doing something or deprive ourselves, we don’t stick with it.  So let me offer you another solution.  How about finding exercise that feels invigorating, challenging, yet rewarding, something you enjoy?  Imagine how simpler your life would be and how much lighter you would feel, when you simply prefer healthy foods and realize there are no good foods or bad.  You choose to eat foods that compliment your body instead of making it unwell, because you listen to the feedback your body gives you.  Embrace the power of choice!

Doesn’t this sound better than 6am boot camp drills and burpees until you faint?  Now if that is your thing, your goal, I am not here to judge…do the thing that makes you sing! If it’s not, that is okay too.  Everyone has to start somewhere and together by tuning into that little voice that is desperately trying to guide you to a place of health and joy, we can walk, run or lunge this journey to your ideal shape, size and level of health and fitness.

Speaking of ideal shape and size,  it is great to have a goal, something to focus on, a desired outcome that is measurable.  It’s also great to track progress to know whether you’re actions are taking you closer to your goal or moving further away.  The results will help you determine whether your actions are taking you closer to your goal or moving you further away.  Understand that there are no mistakes only undesired outcomes. I’ll show you ways to track your progress that do not rely on 3 numbers on a scale. This vital feedback allows you to plot the best course and saves you from drifting afloat.

Understand that there are no mistakes only undesired outcomes.

Let’s pause for a moment and consider your goal… can you put a number on it? Should you put a number on it?  How does that number feel?

Allow yourself a moment to scan your body when you think of this number.  What do you notice?  What is that little voice saying to you?   Is it saying something nice or not so nice?

Now shift your focus and in your minds eye, imagine any way you can about how you want to feel, how you want to move, what things you want to experience, you can even imagine how you want to look, because it is important to feel good about the body you are in now and the one you want to sculpt.  When you have allowed yourself to see those images, feel those feelings and be in THAT moment… consider this question…

Is it about 3 #s on a scale or is it more?

What ever your answer is, is what is right for you.  Where you are at right now.  That is all good.  Only you can decide what is right for you.  Only you know what you need, maybe not on the surface of your conscious thinking, but in your subconscious mind.  It is there, together we can discover them.  As your hypnotist, I will guide you safely to discovering that spark within you, that will bring you to your goals.

“Fine art is custom crafted, not manufactured to one size fits all.”

If you fell in love with the images and feelings you were just imagining, then you have come to the right place.  I challenge you to question your old ways of thinking about your body, of food, of exercise and yes, even your weight.  How would your life be different if you could understand that the numbers on the scale are a side effect of your habits.

These habits do not make you bad or less than, they make you unique.  How you evolve and sculpt your new life, your new body, most of all your new self-image is one of a kind and priceless.  You cannot fit into a mold, a box or any other package.  Fine art is carefully crafted, not manufactured to one size fits all standards.

Reclaim your passion, your power & your purpose, know you are priceless. 

I understand the frustration you feel.  Like many of my clients, I have dealt with a messy if not toxic relationship with food, my body and my feelings.  I also healed that relationship and so can you.

You already know that diets do not work.  Sure, you can lose a few pounds, maybe even a lot, but if they really worked, would Google have 64.1 Million search results for “weight loss”?  NO!  Diets at best lead to quick, but unsustainable results.  This leads to more weight gain, feelings of deprivation and bingeing.  Years of dieting have left you feeling disconnected from your body, ashamed and out of control.  Even worse, you no longer know when you are really hungry or satisfied.

Truth: All diets work…for a time…for some people.

Our unique combination of Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), allows you to change your habits and beliefs about food.  It will allow you to rebuild that vital trust in yourself.

Permanent change happens by creating permanent healthy habits and healthy habits are the result of your beliefs.  Hypnosis is highly effective for weight loss, because it targets those deep unconscious patterns, such as “Clean your plate,” or “Have a cookie, you’ll feel better” and replaces them with patterns inline with your goals.

Diets are fleeting, healthy habits are for a lifetime.  In our program, the number on the scale is just a side effect of taking care of your body and living as a fit and healthy person.  Our clients adopt the habits of healthy fit people and evolve into the healthy fit person that is a reflection of the care and consistency that they naturally practice.

We’ll teach you powerful techniques to supercharge your metabolism, control your cravings and let go of the emotional issues you used to stuff down with food. When you modify your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, the weight comes off easily. We are so confident in our Program that we offer a “Written Service Guarantee”.

This program focuses on:

  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Building a healthy relationship with foods and enjoying them
  • Recognizing Hunger & Satiety
  • Portion Control
  • Exercise Motivation
  • Eliminating Junk Food, Sugar, and other “trigger” Foods
  • Improving Confidence & Self-Image issues
  • Creating Healthy Reasonable Goals to sculpt your Authentic Shape & Size.

Just imagine how great you will feel!!

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