Smoking Cessation

your-life-1329738043Jqy-620x400Chemicals…4800 of them, all poison, in each cigarette.  Cancer, Emphysema, COPD, Asthma,  poor circulation, bad breathe, yellow teeth…just to name a few… I know you have heard it all.

You have tried to quit too many times. You have done cold turkey, the patch, the gum, some contraption that is suppose to be like a cigarette, but just like soy bacon, it just doesn’t cut it.  You want to quit, but it has just been too hard.  Oh- if you tried some of the meds, you probably had some other whacky experiences trying to quit.

The money, cigarette prices, like everything else keep going up.  According to the average price of cigarettes is $6.28.  If you smoke a pack a day, that is $188.40 per month.  In a year that is almost $2300! (Safety disclaimer: Please sit down before I list the next statistic to avoid injury from passing out.)Assuming a 6% annual increase, they calculate that in 10 years time that is $30, 213.02.

smoke shackles

With hypnosis, you will be able to change not only how you think about cigarettes and smoking, but realize you are happier without them.  A common worry is that without cigarettes, you won’t know how to cope with stress or that being around other smokers will be too hard.  You will be armed with new ways to cope with stress, unlikely urges or cravings and we add specific suggestions “protect” you from social situations where there are smokers.  You can enjoy life freely without the hassle of smoking.

Yes! You can.

Maybe you are thinking that I don’t understand what its like.  Oh I get where you are coming from…I am a non-smoker…now.  I started smoking when I was 13…I am an asthmatic and I did it anyway.  Sometimes, the things we do defy logic, but I liked it at first.  Five years later, 12 yrs later, I still liked it, less, but not enough to make a permanent change.  Then things got real! When all those other methods failed, it was hypnosis that helped.

In one session on December 6, 2008, I was a happy, healthy non-smoker.  Now smoking is just something from my past.  Over eight years later and counting…so what ever your worries, fears, reasons or excuses have been, I probably had the same ones and I always said “Tomorrow…”.  None of us have a guarantee of tomorrow and 4800 chemicals add up, dose after dose…there is only now.

I believe so strongly in the effectiveness of hypnosis to stop smoking, I offer a guarantee.  You read it right… Quit Smoking- “Guaranteed”.  Yes, for a one-time fee, you will become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.  If you ever relapse, come back for “FREE” .  Over 90% of my clients quit in just one session.***


***As self-reported by clients.

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