Meet Your Hypnotist

Marina Profile PicHi, I am Marina Charron, Certified Hypnotist.  I have been fascinated by the mind-body connection for as long as I can recall.  I am intrigued by the power of imagination and the positive, life-enhancing changes that can be achieved by working with the subconscious mind.

I have experienced the benefits of hypnosis personally and helped many people achieve the same benefits and more.  As a smoker for 18 yrs, my habits were clearly not in line with how I wanted to live my life.  When other methods failed, I enlisted the help of a hypnotist.  At the end of the session, armed with the tools of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and positive visualizations, my new life began as a non-smoker.  Nine years later, smoking is still “just something from my past.”

Hypnosis helped me change my life again after an unexpected car accident changed the trajectory of my life.  This time with the guidance of Ed Lane, BCH, I learned how to control my perception of the challenges I was facing both physically and emotionally.  This change in my thinking helped me feel good on the inside and begin to see that change manifest itself on the outside.  Not just with my size, but with how I moved my body, carried myself and most importantly how I care for myself in every way.

To simply embrace this change for my own life was not enough.  It became my mission to share these techniques and to help other women experience a transformation in a way that speaks to their needs and goals.  To follow my passion, I became a student of hypnosis at A New You Center For Hypnosis in Dover, NH.  In 2017, I earned my certification as a Certified Hypnotist and became a proud member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

At A New You Center For Hypnosis, I work with my clients directly to help them discover their personal strength, resolve the internal conflicts preventing them from achieving the success they desire and to reach their goals.  I encourage them to soul search to discover their true passion, to re-write their own story, eliminate limiting beliefs and create the life they have yearned for.

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