Hypnosis Can Help Improve Test Taking

***Disclaimer- This information is  not meant to treat or diagnose any medical or psychological conditions.  It is provided for informational purposes.  Consult with your Physician regarding the treatment of your medical condition.  

Scholastic tests come in many forms, under many names.  And they all can elicit worrying and nervousness in some people.  What tests are you taking?  Finals, mid-terms, entrance exams, spelling tests, fitness tests…Oh my!

Many children and teens in grade school, high school, right up into college/grad school, can suffer from varying degrees of Test Anxiety, excessive worry and nervousness.  What can that look like?

First let’s look at some of the characteristics of test anxiety:

Physical: sweaty palms, headache, nausea, excess sweating, hot flashes/chills, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath.
Behavioral: Fidgeting, avoidance, excessive talking & other distractions, pacing, and substance abuse.
Cognitive: Negative self-talk, trouble concentrating, ‘blanking out’, racing thoughts, racing thoughts.
Emotional: Excessive feelings of dread, disappointment, anger, depression, uncontrollable crying or excessive laughter, helplessness.

How can hypnosis help?

Your hypnotist will most likely start with a consultation.  Together you will discuss how you feel about studying and exam taking.  You will be able to explain what sensations and feelings you feel before, during and after the exam.  The fun part is really getting to identify how you want to feel. 

As part of my approach, the consultation is really a fine time to start learning about the mind body connection.  You will be able to see just how directly the two are linked and experience it first hand.  It can be a little fun!

The sessions will consist of hands on techniques, that you can use out in the world, to bring about your own feelings of calm.  These relaxation techniques will start the process of training your mind to feel calm and confident before and during exams or study periods. 

Using the tool of hypnotic suggestions, we will design a plan based on your goals and obstacles.  Some examples of possibilities: tapping into the resource state, improving time management, better focus for studying, feeling cool and confident, improving recall, increasing motivation and confidence.

Hypnosis combined with the hands on techniques is highly effective approach for improved test taking and studying.  You will be able to learn to tap into your own personal resources of motivation, comfort and confidence. 

To learn more or start your journey to better studying and exam taking, call for your free consultation. 

Join me:
Ease Test Anxiety Workshop
Noble Adult & Community Education
388 Somersworth Road
North Berwick, ME 03906

2019 Dates: 2/28, 5/2, 6/6
Time: 5:00-6:30pm
Fee: $32 includes workbook and hypnosis mp3

To register: https://noble.coursestorm.com


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