Release Tension Anywhere- Stress Buster

pexels-photo-551588Have you ever felt tense, stressed or frazzled, like you could just explode?  Sure, we have all been there at one time or another.  Maybe for you it looks like the kids are screaming, dogs barking, you are going to be late for work and haven’t even made it through breakfast yet.  Aah! Or maybe its finances, being short staffed at work, huge deadlines or an enormous stack of “things” to get done.
Whatever brings you to this level of tension, it’s okay.  You’re okay.  You can handle it. and you can learn how to comfort yourself with a feeling of calmness.  Below I am going to share with you a technique that will help you maintain control, release some of that tension and give yourself a sense of calm.  You can do it anywhere and it takes less than 1 minute!  It will take longer for me to explain it than for you to do it.

The Technique

First sit in a comfortable position or stand with feet shoulder width apart.

Reach your arms up over your head, if space allows and it is safe to do so, grasp your hands and gently sway back and forth, like a tree swaying in the breeze.  Just a couple of times now, so you can feel a slight stretch in your back, arms and along your sides.  Now simply lower your arms to a comfortable position at your sides.

Take in a nice deep breathe all the way down to your belly.  Hold it for a moment and release it.

And again…this time as you inhale for a count of 3, tense as many muscles in your body as you can, as tight as you can.  Good! Hold that tension for a count of 3 and on the exhale, just let all your muscles release that tension and be loose and limp.

As your breathe gently now, notice how easy your breathing has become.  Just notice how your body feels, perhaps sitting in your chair.  Notice the temperature of the air in the room, and how your feet feel on the floor. pexels-photo-321576

Now I’d like you to imagine a imagine a warm light passing through your body, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. It can be any color you like.  As this light passes over you, I want you to imagine or pretend that it is scanning your body for any lingering tension.

As you notice these spaces of tension, allow this warm light to soothe the tension away, dissipating it more and more with each breath, until its gone.  As you exhale, exhale tension, stress and worry, and as you inhale, inhale calming energy, comfort and confidence.

Now that you are noticing the tension in your body easing, your mind calming, I’d like for you to say gently to yourself: I am calm.  I am in control.  I am okay.

If time allows, think of yourself succeeding at, resolving or overcoming what ever has brought you this tension.  Focus on the outcome you want, and it will be so in time or in a moment.  Finish this technique with a nice deep breathe, remembering to carry this feeling of calm with you through the rest of your day.

Be well.  Be calm.  Be happy.

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