You May Be Stressed If…

stress relaxYou are busy and have no time for yourself.  Some days you probably skip a shower just to get the kids out the door on time.  Forget by the end of the week, by the end of the day, your goose is cooked!

You probably already know that stress is bad for you.  Why is stress bad?

According to an article from the American Psychological Association, excessive amounts of stress can lead to numerous physical ailments, mental and emotions problems.  Stress has been linked to heart attacks, stroke, ulcers, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and eating, drinking, and smoking too much.  In cases where a person is exposed to consistent or chronic stress, these incidents trend on the higher spectrum of both severity and frequency.

“Yet, despite its connection to illness, APA’s Stress in America survey revealed that 33 percent of Americans never discuss ways to manage stress with their healthcare provider.”- Understanding Chronic Stress APA.Org

So what does stress look and feel like?  What harm can it cause?  If you have any of these troubles, then stress might be a cause (This information is for educational purposes only, Don’t Assume it’s stress…Please check with your doctor):

Physical: headaches, stomach ache, back pain, clenched jaw, damaged teeth
Emotional: Anxiety, Worry, Tense, Irritated, Angry, Depressed, Helpless, Out of Control, Impatient, Forgetful
Energy/Sleep: Excessive Fatigue, Sleeplessness, Oversleeping,

Ignoring and distracting from stress can be just as toxic as the stress itself. If you do any of these things, you may struggle with stress:

  • Eat to relax, to calm down, or reward yourself
  • Overeat or crave sweet and/or salty foods
  • Rush around and get nothing doneStress Mom Stove
  • Procrastinate and avoid getting things done
  • Unwind at home or elsewhere with alcohol regularly
  • Stay up tossing and turning at night, unable to fall asleep
  • Oversleep or stay in bed most of the day
  • Chain-smoke when something frustrates or upsets you
  • Work too much/ dwell on work when your not working
  • Take on too many projects/tasks at once

If these things, sound like you then it’s time to take action to cope with stress.  Hypnosis is highly effective at managing stress, by giving you the ability to see things in a new light and keeping them in perspective.  In addition, hypnosis for Stress Management can create new stress management habits.  When tasks become habits, they become a natural way of thinking and behaving.  How will your life be better when you can make coping with stress in a healthy, helpful way, a habit?

To learn more, click the button below and schedule your free one hour consultation to see if hypnosis is right for you.


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