Congratulations & Welcome!

Have you tried everything and been disappointed over and over? Try something different this time. Something that works, permanently and naturally. Feel stronger mentally and physically so you can get busy living your best life.


There is a saying that perception is reality. Our perceptions are created by our thoughts and beliefs. These thoughts and beliefs are the powerful catalysts for our actions. As a whole, they sculpt our lives and who we become.

Why not harness this power and create the life you desire and stop ‘going along, to get along’?

Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Techniques are two highly effective methods for eliminating unwanted, unproductive habits, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Together they will allow you to sculpt the life that you want one thought at a time until you have created a masterpiece.


“Hi! Just wanted to thank you again. No cigarettes, no ball and chain, no akward looks and no hiding from others!!! Love it!”

Norma M.

“Just want to let you know I have not had 1 cigarette since I met with you.  Not 1! Not even a puff!! You’re amazing 🙂 Thank you!”

Christine F.

“I’m the same person with a very, very different perspective on my life now.  So it is a better me for sure now.” Link to her YouTube Channel for a review… **Please note the cell phone # mentioned is no longer in service.Call : 603-749-6463 for more info.

Josephine D.

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